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    Click here to buy the book now on Amazon.It's the new networking.

    Ever wonder why you never seem to get anything from attending all of those networking events? Ever feel like you're always asked to buy into something, yet no one buys into what you want to say? The networking models of the past are well intentioned but fall short because they simply ask us to ... ask for things.

    Organizational Psychologist Brent Henley peels apart modern networking ideas and replaces them with a solid philosophy of mutual growth in his book The neXus Initiative.  In Henley's new model, networking is turned inside out, participants give instead of asking, and groups experience what it's like to have reciprocal growth.


    Praise for The neXus Initiative:

    "Just Like Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is a compilation of many things that "just make sense", so too does this book put into writing principles that make good sense when dealing with "the people side of business." Becoming part of a Nexus where you can try to help others is a great idea, and Brent offers specific, practical advice on how to achieve maximum results (e.g., Nexus size, meeting frequency, etc.)"

    "In this tough economy, this is the simplest, best handbook for growth. It is a fast read, intuitive and you know the advice you are getting is right!"

    "Transforms networking and she into a unique system of giving rather than taking"

    "A very good resource for anyone who needs a practical way to grow their business and help others at the same time."

    "Bottom line, it's a great book, common sense but with an action plan. And, if you implement the ideas, even try them on a small scale first; I am sure you will have positive results."