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    Global Communication

    A special division of The Pyramid Group, called The Global Effectiveness Group, assists organizations in competing on a global level. This division helps employees by: 

    • Training you to do business in a foreign country
    • Preparing you to perform successfully worldwide
    • Helping you bridge cultural and language barriers that may hinder success in a global economy

    The Global Effectiveness Group provides help to business people traveling abroad, support staff for traveling associates, international transferees, and employers working with diverse cultures. 

    Traveling Abroad? 

    Get the Do's and Don'ts for the countries you are visiting. These guides provide information about proper cultural and communication customs. These guides also include information about: 

    • Greetings
    • Business Card Usage
    • Entertaining
    • Dining
    • Gift Giving
    • Dress
    • Useful Phrases

    Each guide costs $9.95 plus shipping and handling to place the order for the country you need.