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    Jeremy Broussard

    Jeremy Broussard helps companies turn email burdens into savings of time and money by:

    1. Efficiently using technology 
    2. Writing effective email, and 
    3. Building company cultures that productively use email

    Broussard helps organizations save an average of 10-15 working days per employee, per year. 

    The techniques have been proven to reduce email volume, email liability, IT workflow burden, shared server conflicts and more. They have also been shown to increase productivity, profits, and overall communication quality. He is one of 14 certified U.S. instructors for Cohesive Knowledge Solutions' Info-Excellence system. 

    Broussard builds on more than a decade of writing and message-strategy. He has composed and consulted on messaging for a number of firms and provided services for commercial, political and non-profit organizations. His communication strategies and compositions have earned him several awards, including 2007 recognition as Acadiana Advertising Federation's Copywriter of the Year. He holds a bachelor's degree, cum laude, in both Journalism and English from Northwestern State University.