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    One Page Business Plan

    Our premier tool in strategy development and implementation is The One Page Business Plan. We are certified partners with the developers of The One Page Business Plan. 

    How Well are You Executing Your Plan? 

    You either know in very specific terms…or you don’t!  If you do know, you are probably using a combination of standard best practices…with reasonable success.  In the areas you are doing well, you congratulate yourself and your team.  Where the plan or execution is weak, you make early course corrections.  If you have to ponder, guess or speculate on how well your plan is being executed, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    What Works (and what doesn't work) in Business Plans

    If it’s important enough to invest in a manager or a team…they must have written plans. Here are just a few key points you'll master:


    • Budgets! Quantify Revenues & Expenses: Every profit center and cost center must have a budget. Key underlying operating assumptions must be clearly spelled out. Budgets created without written plans have little value. Every project or initiative has an impact on revenues, expenses or the balance sheet. Use product, project & dept. plans to help guide development of budgets. 
    • Financial Statements! Timely & Accurate: Your financial statements keep the official score! Every number has a story! Insist on accurate statements not later than the 7th work day of the month. Keep an eye on the balance sheet…it’s a burial ground! Financial Statements produced by most General Ledger systems provide little management information and are only readable by CPAs and financial nerds. Create a template that makes sense to you and your team w/ references to Budget and Last Year. Include key performance indicators & ratios. 
    • Monthly Business Reviews!: This is the forum where you really learn what happened in the last month! Walk through the financials, review mission critical plans, resolve key issues & discuss emerging opportunities. Monthly Business Reviews that are used for status updates are a waste of time and talent. Use this meeting to assess YTD results, progress, opportunities…and resolve issues. Have an agenda, stick to it. Have team members provide status updates at least 48 hours in advance. Insist they read and understand each other’s reports before attending the monthly business review. 
    • Forecasting! Minimizes Surprises: Create a simple forecasting tool by making a copy of your budget spreadsheets.  Update them monthly for actual results.  Then fine-tune remaining months budget to create a forecast. It’s simple and highly effective at minimizing future surprises.  Business Plans written to obtain funding are almost useless for running your company.  Remember these are PR documents.  Be suspicious of excessive verbiage!  Insist on concise, understandable plans! Forecasting every number, every month wastes time and potentially communicates a false sense of precision. Focus on the critical numbers that drive your business. It is shocking the number of CEO’s that do not have a forecasting process that gives them visibility on their cash or credit line balance 3 – 4 months into the future.  


    Click here for a tour of the web-based system that will transform the way you do business or contact us (on the left) for more information on how we can train your entire organization to work efficiently with a One Page Business Plan.