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    Brent Henley and Dr. Brian McNatt are conducting research into how SIMSOC makes a difference in how leaders lead. Click the book icon to download their keys to success (Word document).SIMSOC
    (Simulated Society)

    SIMSOC is a highly participative simulation reflecting the challenges of society. Participants create their own community complete with political parties, industries, and economic classes. 

    The simulation requires a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 60. This program is a complex simulation requiring use of forms and subtle communication interplay between participants. We conduct more than 100 sessions a year, mostly with community leadership programs. 

    The Value of SIMSOC to Community Leadership Programs: 

    Most participants in CLP’s have been out of socioeconomic thinking for a while. In fact, most admit that it has been since college that they considered such heavy issues, and to revisit these issues in a participative, dynamic way adds significant value to their leadership experience. 

    Adults learn best by doing, and the value to SIMSOC is to let people create their own society. Their choices have consequences and these consequences have to be addressed in order to realize a successful community. 

    Participants are enabled to create their own definition of a successful community, and the challenges and difficulties to create one. 

    The simulation is safe. Participants can experiment with different strategies. These social experiments are not possible in real life for most participants. 

    Significant connections are made to SIMSOC throughout the leadership experience. Almost all sessions have something in common with an aspect of the simulation and the experience.

    What people are saying about SIMSOC:

    • “SIMSOC throws you into real life.”
    • “Provided real life situations and problems in a risk-free environment”
    • “A very creative way to teach the dynamics of society.”
    • “An excellent tool for focusing attention on community needs.”
    • “The ability to make us all feel that we can be effective leaders in our community.”
    • “Increase empathy for and understanding of different socioeconomic groups.”
    • “Clearly represented the “complexity” of society and problems inherent in it.”
    • “The freedom to be someone else was very revealing.”
    • “Brought out group cohesion and showed feelings and fears of diverse groups.”
    • “It’s so realistic of life!”
    • “The setup and purpose of SIMSOC is very important and has a deep meaning. It caused me to look seriously at all aspects, disadvantages and advantages of a community, and how important each sector is.”